Pick Your Books On ADHD With Care To Avoid Misinformation And Confusion

Any parent of a child diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is in need of support. The more they understand the disorder the better equipped they are to handle it. Of course books on ADHD are always a good source of information provided that they are well-researched and written by competent individuals. Among the books pertaining to ADHD are the following titles. Parents can rest assured that these are arguably among the best and most informative books on the subject currently in existence.

1. A Teenager's Guide to ADD

When a child is diagnosed with ADHD they might be rather young but as they mature, or if the diagnosis comes once they have already reached the age of twelve and older, they are likely to have questions about their disorder. 

This book is great for ADHD teens because it helps them to understand the disorder, the sub-types, symptoms, and so forth. Written by Antony Amen and Sharon Johnson the book has a teenager's feel because both authors were still in their teens when they penned the book. They also write from personal experience as both were diagnosed with ADHD.

2. You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?

Kate Kelly and Peggy Ramundo collaborated to write this book and really did a great job. They cover ways of managing the symptoms associated with the disorder, as well as how to live with it. Both were diagnosed with ADHD and work with others who are also suffering with the disorder, helping to restore confidence and improve understanding.

3. Driven to Distraction

While the previous two titles are mainly aimed at teens with ADHD, this book serves to address some of the myths that still surround the disorder. It is written by a pair of psychiatrists, John j. Ratey and Edward Hallowell. Of particular interest is the fact that they also cover the possibility that Albert Einstein was ADHD. Given the fact that Albert Einstein is often held up as the veritable poster-boy of ADHD and what can be accomplished in spite of the disorder, this makes for interesting and informative reading for any parent of a child with ADHD.

4. ADD: A Different Perception

Written by Thom Hartmann this book takes a different look at ADHD. Rather unconventional perhaps but nevertheless thought-provoking, this book has a wide following. For those who enjoy Thom Hartmann's writing style and thought processes, other titles on the same subject will also prove interesting and worthwhile.

5. Women with ADD

Sari Solden takes a closer look at the ways in which ADHD manifests itself in women and is especially useful for teenage girls who have been diagnosed with ADHD.

Finding good and informative books on ADHD is certainly advisable for parents with kids who have been diagnosed with the disorder. They are equally beneficial for teens living with the disorder as well. The important thing to remember is that the books you choose for your own understanding, as well as for helping your child understand their disorder better, should be those that are well-researched and provide information regarding the source of the info that is contained within the pages of the book.

Article Source: V K Rajagopalan

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