The Way Senior Drivers Keep Safe On The Highway

As our nation ages, a greater number of people 55 and over are set to continue to use the roadways in the near future. As of 2009, there are more than 33 million drivers 55 and older. A majority of these individuals are strong willed on having their individual mobility and the all round convenience that comes with driving his or her cars. Measures brought to evaluate their all around health and driving skills might help adult drivers stay in the driver's seat without jeopardises in well-being.

Based on research via the NHTSA, senior individuals comprise of nine percent of the total population, yet they account for 14 percent of the driving fatalities and 17 % of all pedestrian deaths. At least 5,500 mature adults were killed in automobile collisions, while another 183,000 were injured. Circumstances such as deteriorating sight, reduced response times as a result of deteriorating motor abilities and a decline in overall wellness frequently contribute to collisions concerning elderly drivers over the age of 55.

Special Ed Robotic Instruction for One-On-One Education

One of the biggest challenges we have in special education in our schools, at least out here in California in my area is the cost of one-on-one education. A good many of these kids really do need one-on-one instruction as that is the most appropriate given the situation, or at least multiple teachers or teacher aides per classroom, and those classroom sizes are smaller, and it's a lot to handle when helping these kids learn.

There have been significant strides made in working with computers and avatars to help Special Ed kids, and that's a wonderful thing, but still we must reduce the cost further. Of course that's difficult without lowering the level of instruction. Okay so let's talk about this for a second and some potential solutions.

First, our think tank has been working hard to come up with new ways to improve the efficiency without reducing quality of the classroom. It's all about costs, budget controls, and leveraging the technology. Still, the teachers need latitude, and freedom to do their teaching.

Gesture Recognition Software Is a Godsend for Special Education

Indeed, I've always said that the answer to solving the challenges and cost problems with special education is to leverage our technology to the maximum. It will be the only way that we will be able to have one-on-one communication in the classroom for teaching and learning in special ed. Each year, there are more and more high-tech tools changing the landscape in this sector of education, and it's good to see we are solving all of the challenges in short order. If you have a few moments, I would like to talk to you about all this for a moment.

You see, not long ago, on March 17, 2012 there was an interesting article the Wall Street Journal by Christopher Shea. The article was titled; "Really Talking with Your Hands - Oh Yeah," and the article stated that; "The deaf and people who have lost their voices may someday have a new way to speak, thanks to Digital Ventriloquist or DiVA," and the article explained how the software works which allowed folks with "high-tech gloves equipped with sensors and tracked their movements in three-dimensional space," to use hand signals, or sign language recognition and then put those words into documents, e-mails, or even text messages.

Pick Your Books On ADHD With Care To Avoid Misinformation And Confusion

Any parent of a child diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is in need of support. The more they understand the disorder the better equipped they are to handle it. Of course books on ADHD are always a good source of information provided that they are well-researched and written by competent individuals. Among the books pertaining to ADHD are the following titles. Parents can rest assured that these are arguably among the best and most informative books on the subject currently in existence.

1. A Teenager's Guide to ADD

When a child is diagnosed with ADHD they might be rather young but as they mature, or if the diagnosis comes once they have already reached the age of twelve and older, they are likely to have questions about their disorder. 

Technology In The Classroom

In the field of technology, the word disruptive is used for a technology or innovation that brings about a radical change in the way a sector functions by introducing efficiency, affordability and convenience. The technology revolution in the business sector is represented by the extensive use of smarter phones or web conferencing in American offices. However, the impact of disruptive technology on the education sector is much higher. A wave of smart classes and e-learning has transformed the way education is delivered and pursued, today.

The presence of technology in classrooms makes the student an active learner instead of a passive one. The education system becomes more student-centric. The student can choose, manipulate and generate what he wants to study and how. The student himself creates the learning environment and the mode of obtaining lessons. E-learning has made the education system more convenient and flexible. The student can learn through his own choice of platform. The role of the teacher also changes as he is no more the sole source of knowledge. He transforms into a mentor and is responsible for providing guidelines and resources to the students.

Common Learning Disabilities

There are a lot of students who either have or develop different learning disabilities throughout their educational career. This could mean they have dealt with it since elementary or grade school, or they didn't have it until they went to college. Either way, it can still make getting an education difficult and can affect the grades they get. However, a lot of these disorders and disabilities are very common and although some may prove to be more of a challenge than others, they are still possible to work with and accommodate.

One of the most common types is attention deficit disorder, ADD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADHD. This condition normally affects the attention span of students and can make it difficult to concentrate during lectures, tests, and assignments. There are ways to treat this medically with a prescription from a doctor. However, many students find ways to work through their disorder without medication. Students with ADD or ADHD should take frequent breaks while studying or working on an assignment, and find a way to relieve built up stress or tension. 

Irlen Syndrome - What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Irlen Syndrome is defined as a visual processing disorder that can mimic what people consider to be dyslexia and/or ADD/ADHD. Discovered by Helen Irlen some 30+ years ago, Irlen Syndrome can be the leading cause of many learning difficulties.

People with Irlen Syndrome have a light sensitivity in the Visual Cortex - the part of the brain responsible for interpreting the light waves which make up the images we see. For these people, certain parts of the light spectrum cause problems. When those colours are absent, reading and writing can occur easily. When the colours are present, the individual with Irlen experiences discomfort, fatigue, and a general feeling of 'this is all too hard'.

Basically, what happens is the images sent via the eyes to the brain travel through 2 nerves (4 in total - 2 from each eye). Normally, these 2 nerves fire at the same time sending an image which is in sync; crisp and clear for the brain to interpret. In Irlen Syndrome, one of these nerves fires at a slower rate causing the resulting images to be blurry and fuzzy - similar to looking at a 3 D TV screen without the 3 D glasses on.

Groom Your Leadership Qualities With Leadership Coaching

Each individual is different. The nature, behavior, character of no two people will be exactly the same. Every organization has numerous people working for it. It is very important for any organization to achieve success that it has to learn to manage and lead its employees effectively. Therefore, leadership coaching is of great importance for any organization. As we are well aware of the fact, that leadership is the essence of every organization's unrelenting success. The leadership development program will help to bring out the leadership qualities within the individual in an organization. These programs play an integral part of the transfiguration of a good leader to a great leader.

Many people believe that leadership is an inborn quality. It is a myth. With proper leadership training workshops, good leaders can be developed. It is very much possible to groom your managers to become effective leaders by imparting leadership coaching to them. Therefore, the role of leadership development programs can never be undermined. 

Cosmic Consciousness: The Buddhist Way In Using Koans To Experience Enlightenment

In another article I explained that not all of us function on a cosmic conscious level and certainly not all the time. I would even say that those who do must be very stable because it asks a lot of you a person to live in an area where you are alone and mostly without answers. Still many people have a desire to ponder on the questions of immortality, god and the universe.


Without a doubt Jesus were in constant connection to his cosmic consciousness. Whether you accept him as god or a prophet, you must understand the level of thinking He must have gone through.


Whether Buddhist or not, this Indian guru or prophet had the thinking ability to see beyond life on earth. Even a small exposure to the ideas of this person will allow you to understand why he made such an impact on his followers.

Celebrating World Autism Day With Dinosaurs

This week is a special week for all those teachers, educationalists and teaching assistants who are involved in teaching and supporting young children on the autism spectrum. April 2nd is the fifth annual World Autism Awareness Day. Every year, for the past five years, organisations with an involvement in autism or in related fields such as Asperger's Syndrome on this day celebrate the uniqueness of these conditions. Market research undertaken by the National Autistic Society in the United Kingdom a couple of years ago, postulated that there were perhaps 500,000 people in the country with some form of autism. Many children with autism find it difficult to interact and participate with their fellow pupils, however, a fascination with dinosaurs, dinosaur models and facts and figures about prehistoric animals can help build a bridge between school children.

Autism and Dinosaurs

Autism is very debilitating, affecting the way that people with this condition interact and communicate with the rest of the world.