Cosmic Consciousness: The Buddhist Way In Using Koans To Experience Enlightenment

In another article I explained that not all of us function on a cosmic conscious level and certainly not all the time. I would even say that those who do must be very stable because it asks a lot of you a person to live in an area where you are alone and mostly without answers. Still many people have a desire to ponder on the questions of immortality, god and the universe.


Without a doubt Jesus were in constant connection to his cosmic consciousness. Whether you accept him as god or a prophet, you must understand the level of thinking He must have gone through.


Whether Buddhist or not, this Indian guru or prophet had the thinking ability to see beyond life on earth. Even a small exposure to the ideas of this person will allow you to understand why he made such an impact on his followers.

Gandhi and Mandela

While non of these two men started a religion or even tried to claim cosmic consciousness the way they lived their life make it possible to say that they had the ability to operate on a cosmic consciousness level. There are obviously many more examples and most us have the ability to think on this level, not all of us want to do this, and many are not capable,

Zen method of Cosmic Consciousness.

For anyone interested to expand his or her consciousness and level of reasoning the following Buddhist method will be a challenge. This involves meditating on a Koan. They give the student or reader an unsolvable riddle. Here are two very famous ones. What was your original face before you were born? Is there a sound when a tree falls in the woods and there is nobody to hear it? Here is a Christian one, Can God create a rock that he cannot pick up? In addition, here is a Universal one. If there was nothing before the universe was created and God created the Universe then where was God?

Since the answer is in most cases an impossibility you need to use a very different kind of reasoning. You can wrestle with this question for weeks but the answer can only come from somewhere deep inside the mind. One would also say it comes from intuition. The point of on the cosmic consciousness level.

To understand the level of cosmic consciousness you can look at many examples of people constantly functioning on this level. You can use Koans to experience the joy and difficulty in functioning on this level. The answer is always your answer, as it has to make sense to you. This is not an answer that comes from the ego or knowledge but rather from a sense, a feeling, and a vision.

Article Source: Leon Steyn

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